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Company Name:wenzhou zhongqiang optoelectronic technology co.,ltd.
Phone:0577-68666388 13806820163
Address:Longgang Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 548 West First Street
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     Wenzhou city in the strong photoelectric technology Limited ( referred to as" the strong photoelectric ) from Taiwan, quality assurance, the main components are from Taiwan, more than national standards, to meet international standards, the general taxpayer qualification, is a set of LED optoelectronic product development, production, sales, engineering services as one integrated high-tech enterprises, with imports from abroad advanced modern production equipment, strong technical force, the strength of the economy, is currently the largest domestic LED series products of the professional manufacturers, professional development and production of high-grade indoor and outdoor LED display, all kinds of LED lighting and decorative lamps LED traffic signal lamp. With rich production, construction experience and solid strength, and good reputation. " Mercury textile"," south bedroom"," group"," Wen Ruitang River Committee"," electric"," Columbus appliances"," big switch"," Shenzhen Development Bank" and other well-known enterprises and institutions of the long-term supplier.

        Companies adhere to independent innovation and technological cooperation and the principle of combining, products strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality system, the implementation of a high starting point, high input, high-quality technology development strategy, has developed a series of new products with independent intellectual property rights, the company has from the raw materials to finished product through-train production capacity, therefore, we products with excellent quality, low price, high quality service.

     The establishment of the company from the beginning, not aggressive, sureness, work steadily, have been produced and installed more than 1 block screen, generally praised by users. Users throughout the country, from the east to the north, from southwest to northwest. Some are also exported to Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Strong photoelectric quality policy:" to science and technology development, the quality of a brand" of the enterprise purpose, to "the pursuit of perfection, to create excellence" for the enterprise concept, to "good faith in life, hard work" his thoughts, to the actual effectiveness of services to the society, do our customers really city partners.

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Phone:0577-68666388 13806820163 Fax:13806820163 Maintain:
Address:Longgang Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 548 West First Street

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